Cankor #1 has arrived!

Just got my copies of Cankor #1 the other day. I'm really glad I could be a part of this. Matthew Allison is an awesome illustrator with an original comic book. Check out his work here and buy one for yourself: http://loafdish.blogspot.com/


new skateboard design - process shots

Here's a couple of process shots for my new skateboard design done for 303 Boards.



Here's a pin-up I did to supplement Matthew Allison's beautifully illustrated comic book, Cankor #1. The book is set to release on April 1st. Check out his website for further details http://loafdish.blogspot.com/ .


Maintaining pace

Recently I've been drawing less elaborate images and sketching more. It's been nice to post on here more, so here's another one that was relatively quick to make.


sketch - Toxic Pools

Here's a 30 min. sketch for the Daily Spitpaint. The theme was Toxic Pools.


Gallery Mural

Here's some pictures of the mural I painted for my gallery show back in September. Many thanks to Bobby Magee Lopez for lending a hand with it and providing a great gallery space for my first show!


Awaken on Earthen Altar series

"The Forces of Light & Dark have Conspired in our Favor" - Acrylic on wood panel 32 x 24 in

"Who Invoked these Spirits to Stir?" - Acrylic on wood panel 18 x 24 in

"In the Valley of the Void" - Acrylic on wood panel 32 x 24 in

"God is a Triangle, so You Should too." - Acrylic on wood panel 18 x 24 in


To Forge the Planes of Eternity. To Return from Where We Came.

Here's a little preview of my show. The second showing is tonight as well as another tomorrow. It's at Innerspace Gallery 2700 Walnut St. 6-10pm. Be there!