Dino Rider

18x24" Screen Print. Yellow is an edition of 50. Blue is an edition of 13.

Jump to my Etsy shop to purchase: https://etsy.com/shop/TravisGillan


Soul Contractors

This one goes out to all you lovers. Your contracts were formed outside of time.



2019 New Years sketch session

Made this on New Years day. Feeling good with the start of this year and looking forward to more creation. Pretty pumped about the ease and capability of making these process videos with Procreate. Thanks for watching.


Sketchbook Dark Rider

I put the background in last which made me feel like it was snowing. Got me excited about Xmas. You guys feelin the holiday cheer with this one?


Digital Sketch

Here's my first sketch from my new iPad. Pretty pumped to see what this thing can do once I learn my way around.


Sketch - petition

Let's petition the Great Mother and conjure spirits from deep elder forests.


Sketchbook: Toadstool Princess

Another one from the sketchbook. These are always enjoyable to execute. Typically, I start with a figure at the bottom of the picture plane and work my way up. I have motifs that I think about, but other than that, I just flow with what I'm feeling in the moment.


Woodland Flutist Sketch

Another sketch for ya! So I realized after the fact that the girl is holding the flute incorrectly. My apologies to all you flutists out there. Cut me some slack though. I'm sketching on the fly. Ain't got time for research.



Read a book yo!!!


FC Mural

I collaborated with Abram Aleo to install this mural in Fort Collins, CO. 


Whaddup! its a sketch!

What's up beautiful creatures of the Blogger realm! I suck at updating my blog because I have an instagram now which feels like a blog of sorts. But, whats the trouble in posting exactly what I post there on this blog as well? I think that's what I'll do going forward. And if I still have loyal fans lurking on this blog, leave a "whaddup!" in the comments. I appreciate it!