Gold Painting

Tube tentacles and gold-flaked realities... something like that.


High Priest Skateboard

Skateboards ready to be shipped! Limited, signed 1 through 10. Just $95 and I'll be happy to send one to you. Email me at travisgillan@gmail.com for details. Cheers!


Under the Sun

Everything under the sun is in tune...


Wage Slaves Pin-Up

Here's a pin-up I created for John Bailey's upcoming comic book, Wage Slaves. You can check out his site at radtodeath.com 


More sketches!

These sketches come from glances at pedestrians...besides Jimi. Not sure where he came from.


*LIMITED* 10 signed & numbered Eagle Mystic skateboards

My Eagle Mystic skateboards have arrived! I've got a limited 10 of these signed and numbered ready to be shipped. These pups are going for $95. Shoot me an email at TravisGillan@gmail.com and we can work out the details. 


Cankor #1 has arrived!

Just got my copies of Cankor #1 the other day. I'm really glad I could be a part of this. Matthew Allison is an awesome illustrator with an original comic book. Check out his work here and buy one for yourself: http://loafdish.blogspot.com/


new skateboard design - process shots

Here's a couple of process shots for my new skateboard design done for 303 Boards.